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The central goal of ICE-PAC, on a planetary scale, is reduction of pollution of the atmosphere through the development of Integrated Clean Energy economies. There is a spectrum of environmental reasons why this is necessary, ranging from climate change to peace.

The ICE-PAC initiative will accomplish this goal by:

  1. assisting renewable energy manufacturers achieve an economy of scale for renewable power by encouraging the subsidized transition of every island nation and territory in the Pacific ocean to Integrated Clean Energy economies.
  2. designing Integrated Clean Energy economies that can be built quickly, cheaply, and assembled by people with only a moderate level of special training.
  3. using the island nations as examples of clean development that industrial nations can emulate.
  4. promoting the clean development mechanism in developing areas in exchange for carbon credits under the Kyoto protocol.
  5. promoting Integrated Clean Energy economies on the Internet and in tourism advertising, video and movie productions, and in the international forums - especially in the United Nations and relevant meetings on the issues of atmospheric and ocean pollution by fossil fuels.

The central goal in the Pacific islands is poverty alleviation by;

  1. freeing the nations from the huge foreign debt incurred by importation of petroleum fuels;
  2. providing totally subsidized power for lights, tools, electrical appliances, cooking, and other basic needs for sustainable development;
  3. providing jobs for local people in capital cities and on rural islands;
  4. providing a sense of hope by giving the people the most advanced technology we are capable of achieving;
  5. maintaining a sensitivity to the culture of the people in the design and presentation of the equipment, buildings, and other hardware and in the management training and operation of local energy supply companies.
  6. encouraging the assembly and export of renewable energy modules (or components of these) in some Pacific islands as an export industry.

TheIntegrated Clean Energy initiative will also assist in protecting the local environment of the islands of the Pacific islands by;

  1. curtailing the use of petroleum products and thus avoiding petroleum spills, accumulation of waste oil, elimination of exhaust fumes;
  2. elimination of power plant effluents that currently damage mangroves and nearshore marine communities;
  3. removal of the need to use wood products for cooking and heating water;
  4. careful landscaping design associated with installations;
  5. demonstrating by the technological and financial success that being green generates money.

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