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The ICE-PAC strategy to achieve its mission has five dimensions;

1. Technological: Develop technological designs for integrated hydrogen economies.

2. Economic: Eliminate the economic, social and environmental costs of urban drift and importing fuels. Create jobs and enable new economic initiatives through provision of inexpensive energy. Obtain major movement of funds from developed countries to developing countries.

3. Political: Demonstrate political determination to attain sustainable development, especially in rural areas, and lower costs of energy.

4. Social: Combat poverty in the island nations, especially in rural areas, by providing energy for development, new employment opportunities and access to information.

5. Environmental: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale through renewable energy technology. Eliminate pollutants, misuse of natural resources (especially forests), and demonstrate the economic value of environmentally friendly technologies.

These strategies will be implemented by the following tactics:

1. www.HydrogenPacific.com enables all interested parties to participate in the active planning, design, fabrication, sales, installation and servicing of renewable energy and hydrogen power equipment.

2. Develop alliances with the United Nations and local regional organisations to assure a sympathetic bilateral donor environment.

3. Commence installation with the least possible delay of renewable energy, hydrogen based systems in rural island areas. This will avoid conflicts with urban power suppliers and meet government requirements for rural development initiatives. In addition, most rural installations will be the same for all island countries, and their small size will enable them to be packaged as modular systems useful in any rural setting - and thus have immediate global sales potential.

4. Promote community and government education in renewable energy and hydrogen powered equipment as well as in conservation of energy techniques.

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