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Background Documents

This section provides links to key background information on a variety of issues underlying the ICE-PAC Initiative.

A quick summary of the problem and ICE-PAC

Asia-Pacific Ministerial Action Plan

Countdown to ICE-PAC - the news highlights of 2000

Critical Concerns for the Pacific Island Countries April 2000 Establishes the achievement of hydrogen economies as a primary critical concern for the Pacific islands.

PREFACE "The Pacific region, as other parts of the developing world, has had enough of its share of the learning curve. It is now time to move forward by consolidating international, regional and national initiatives, to learn from past lessons, to maximize the use of local capacity and existing structures and demonstrate that renewable energy programs can do a lot more and a lot better," says Mr. Jean Michel Durand, Regional Australia-France Rural Renewable Energy Program, Secretariat for the Pacific Community.

How will the project be funded?

Who are the major donors for the small island developing states of the Pacific?

World Bank and GEF Energy Policy Statement

Statement by the Alliance of Small Island Developing States to the United Nations General Assembly September 1999

Energy and the The Barbados Programme of Action for Small Island Developing States 1994

The Status of Hydrogen Power




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