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There is a way to cool our overheated planet and energize the global economy.

Even the most skeptical person, uncertain of the impact of fossil fuels on the world's climate, must agree that our global reliance on oil, coal and gas is causing serious and expensive problems for people everywhere on Earth. There is nothing controversial about the hundreds of billions of dollars spent each year on wars, health bills, loss of wildlife, and budget crunch caused by our reliance on carbon based fuels. The costs of our global energy crisis are richly covered in all our daily media channels.

According to the world's scientific consensus these costs are insignificant compared to the damage caused to our planet from carbon-induced climate change. But even without this overshadowing global catastrophe, there is a firm economic foundation for a shift to:

I C E - Integrated Clean Energy

Integrated Clean Energy systems rely on the abundant power from solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and ocean energy technology. Integrating these renewable energy inputs into a workable economy requires considerable revision of the energy infrastructure, a shift towards more distributed energy systems, and the introduction of specialized components like fuel cells and flow-cell batteries.

A shift to Integrated Clean Energy systems is seen as a threat to the oil and coal companies, the entire edifice of centralized power companies, the status-quo automotive industry, the tax structure of all governments and the pay checks of armies of people employed in the carbon-energy industries. Carbon based energy systems will be replaced, but it won't happen overnight nor will it happen everywhere with the same speed. That's where OPERATION ICE PAC comes in.

Operation ICE PAC

The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Regional Action Program for Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Development, 2001-2005 includes an ambitious and exciting initiative to "Promote and assist a dedicated global project to create 100% renewable energy, hydrogen based economies in the small island developing states of the region." More

While it will be very difficult, politically and economically, for the major industrial nations to shift to Integrated Clean Energy, there are at least 36 small island developing states that welcome the idea of casting off the yoke of the Middle East oil barrens and the multinational oil companies. These small countries have offered to work in association with the renewable energy industries to achieve 100% Integrated Clean Energy Economies - and that's what this web site is about. If the world can work together to convert even one island nation to the new energy economy, we will have developed a blueprint for the energy future of our planet. If we succeed in converting all of them to Integrated Clean Energy Economies, three quarters of the surface area of our planet will be up and running on nonpolluting energy and the conversion process will quickly spread to rural areas and finally urban areas all over the world.

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