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The Government of New Caledonia strongly endorses a united global initiative to achieve renewable energy hydrogen based economies in the island nations and territories of the Pacific. If everyone works together, using the collaborative www.HydrogenPacific.com Internet site to focus their efforts, the initiative will assist in bringing a new era of energy with critical economic, social and environmental benefits for all peoples of the world.

New Caledonia has a strong commitment to a clean environment and the protection of its sensitive coral reef ecosystems. Protecting the marine environment requires a global shift to renewable energy and hydrogen technologies, and New Caledonia is doing its part by rapidly developing its wind turbine, solar and hydroelectric energy potential. We wish to encourage the manufacturers and engineers responsible for designing these systems to participate in this initiative by posting information about their products and technological advancements, particularly in wind power, solar power and fuel cells on the www.HydrogenPacific.Com Internet site.

New Caledonia intends to utilize the product and manufacturer databases on www.HydrogenPacific.com for the design of renewable energy systems. We will, in the technical design center of the Internet site, share the benefits of our considerable knowledge and experience of renewable energy with our neighbors in the Pacific Islands and benefit from learning about their experiences. New Caledonia's goal, in the end, is to achieve as complete a transition to renewable energy and hydrogen technology as possible. We wish to become a showcase for renewable energy and hydrogen technology in the eyes of the world.


President of the Government of New Caledonia

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